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Buick GMC Wheel Alignment in Champaign

At Serra Buick GMC of Champaign, your vehicle will be in the reliable hands of certified and factory-trained technicians. We offer all types of auto services including wheel alignment service. Our location allows us to serve all areas of Champaign, IL, and surrounding areas of Savoy, St. Joseph, Mahomet, and Urbana.


The Importance of Wheel Alignment

Wheels can get knocked out of alignment by hitting a pothole, curb, or other obstacles on the road. They can also get misaligned due to an auto accident, or through regular wear and tear. With the misaligned suspension, you might notice a crooked steering wheel when driving straight or a tendency of the vehicle to pull to one side. In some cases, the tire tread might show uneven wear due to suspension misalignment. Continuing to drive with a misaligned set of wheels will shorten the life of the tires, and cause excessive stress on the other components of the vehicle. At Serra Buick GMC of Champaign, we recommend periodic inspection of suspension to make sure they are in alignment.

Wheel Alignment Inspection Service

At Serra Buick GMC of Champaign, we carry state-of-the-art tools and technology for auto services. For wheel alignment inspection, we carry computerized machines that provide pinpoint accuracy in the measurement of the suspension angles. These machines have electronic sensors that measure the suspension angles. If the angles do not match factory specifications, the wheels are misaligned and require adjustment through a two-wheel or four-wheel-alignment service.

Four-Wheel vs. Two-Wheel Alignment

At Serra Buick GMC of Champaign, we offer two-wheel and four-wheel alignment services depending on the type of vehicle and condition of the suspension. If your vehicle is designed with a rigid rear axle, it will only need the front wheels to be aligned through a two-wheel alignment service. Other types of vehicles are going to require a four-wheel alignment service. Typically, a big SUV or truck requires a two-wheel alignment service, unless the vehicle has been in an accident causing the rear axle to be out of line. Our expert technicians at Serra Buick GMC of Champaign can guide you on the right alignment service for your vehicle.


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At Serra Buick GMC of Champaign, we are open from Monday to Saturday for service. We offer the convenience of an online service scheduler – try it out now! You can also call our team for appointment scheduling. We offer a courtesy transportation shuttle and loaner cars for your transportation needs.

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